This summer, we’re introducing our handcrafted menu by taking to the road to discover and share the best of handcrafted America. And you’re invited. #SummerOfFridays

The Great Artscape

We’ve met a lot of talented handcrafters this summer. Artscape in Baltimore, America’s largest free arts festival, introduced us to over 150 more fine artists, fashion designers, and craftspeople. Not to mention the visual art exhibits, live concerts, full schedule of performing arts, family events, and menu of international food and drinks. Yeah. If it’s artsy, it was there. And the 350,000-plus visitors ate it all up, including a truckload of our handcrafted food and drinks.

Forecastle Fever

Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville was one for the record books. If you were there, you know what we’re talking about. If you missed out, well, sorry. The headliners: Jack White, Outkast, Beck, and Fridays. Needless to say, it was three days filled with legendary performances – and, of course, our legendary potato skins.

Let Your Card Down


When’s the last time you received an actual handwritten card or thoughtful trinket instead of a text or random “like” on that social site all the kids are on nowadays? Yeah, we can’t remember either. 

Sara Selepouchin is bringing back the art of thoughtful and small gestures in a big way with her handcrafted card and gift shop, Occasionette in Philadelphia. 

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Accessible Art

The Menil Collection, a hidden gem in Houston, shines soft Texas light on a treasure trove of pieces from artists all over the world. And one of the most impressive things about it is that there’s absolutely no fee to enter. That’s because founders John and Dominique de Menil believed art was meant to be seen, be appreciated and, above all, inspire all.

More than 17,000 pieces of both prehistoric and modern art are on permanent display, but that doesn’t mean the museum is the same every time you visit. The de Menils believed that the “rotating of art was like actors going on and off stage.” So stop in on your next road trip to Houston, or next weekend if you live there.

The Skinny on Our Skins

Ah, the Loaded Potato Skin. This cheesy, bacony, potatoey finger food is a favorite of beer drinkers and appetizer eaters everywhere. We’re proud to say that we invented these babies way back in 1974, and they’ve become an appetizer go-to across America. So when we rolled out our new handcrafted menu, Loaded Potato Skins were one of the first to get the handcrafted touch.

You know those extra-crispy pieces in the bottom of a French fries bag that everyone loves? We created the skins to mimic those by twice-baking them. And we’ve made the insides lighter and fluffier, so each bite is a perfect combination of soft and crunchy. And as the name suggests, we’ve loaded our skins with applewood-smoked bacon and a natural Wisconsin blend of Colby Cheddar cheese. Plus now you can get an endless supply of Loaded Potato Skins for just ten bucks. No joke.

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